V Model

Canus Tech offers an effective approach to the software development process by implementing a perfect blend of V-model and Agile methodology based on our client’s needs and budget.

The V-model approach, considered an extension of the traditional waterfall model, is purely used for its emphasis on the verification and validation of software requirements, which are a critical part of any systems and software engineering process. The left side of the V-model represents the verification phase that breaks down client’s needs into small manageable pieces, while the right side of the V-model represents the validation phase that aggregates those pieces into a system that meets the client’s requirements.

Canus Tech implements the V-model architecture for smaller projects where requirements are well defined, clearly documented, and fixed. Since the project development and testing phases are devised in parallel, the V-model approach is highly disciplined and best used where there is less probability of making unplanned changes. Many testing activities are performed in the beginning, where defects and bugs are identified, thus, reducing testing time at the final stages of the software development process.

  • Emphasis on Verification and Validation at each modular level
  • Parallel modular test execution along with development for greater quality
  • Automated testing capability for resilient software systems
  • Controlled, responsive delivery