What is a Master Vendor Program?

The Master Vendor Program helps manage enterprise-level large vendor consolidation, resource transitions, payroll administration, and post-transition programs. We act as an intermediary for the continuous management of programs using modern user processes, toolkits and dashboards. With a 100% successful resource transfer, our goal is to provide you with a convenient and easy experience.

Canus Tech’s Master Vendor program allows our customers to combine all their recruitment and staffing processes. Canus Tech will become the main point of contact between the client and anything related to recruiting, creating an efficient and simplified solution. In essence, customers will still have full control over the definition of the process, while they will still have access to our database of candidates.

Our lead vendor services will help you structure our recruiting and hiring providers into a single lead vendor relationship. This will simplify all processes, eliminate inefficiencies and reduce costs.

Our Deliverables of Master Vendor:

  • We will act as a single point of contact to manage all suppliers
  • Reduction of liabilities and easier management of contract employees through salary management.
  • Management of all activities, such as boarding, compliance, training and off-board
  • Powerful vendor management systems that cover the full range of secondary vendor management processes
  • Detailed analyzes and weekly, monthly and quarterly reports
  • An invoice to process from a customer’s perspective and don’t worry about time sheet, remittance or other administrative process