Cyber Analytics

Our analytics driven system empowers better contextualization to alter digital investigation administrations for our customers. We incorporate client and element conduct examination (UEBA) with outsider security data and occasion the executives (SIEM) to effectively oversee examinations, robotize assignments and remediate penetrates. Our administrations in the region include:

  • Client/substance conduct profiling, division, perception and high-hazard client/element exception location
  • AI based peculiarity location in inner and outer associations, dissecting why an exception prompted an alarm, and appointing a danger score to recognized dangers
  • Progressed danger chasing fueled by a comprehensive and quick inquiry capacity
  • Information examination with broadened client/element knowledge covering logon/log off occasions, AD occasions, far off login examples and organization use
  • Organization investigation with provides details regarding network data transfer capacity use, association tally, DNS goals, and so on.
  • Dynamic substance connect examination with client planning, identification and featuring of concealed connections between clients, IP locations and area showing

Other Cyber Security Solutions