RPO Services

RPO means “Outsourcing the recruitment process”, which means that an employer transfers all or part of its recruitment activities to an external provider. These recruitment activities may include procurement, screening, testing, interviewing, background checks, coordination of letters of offer and guidance.

Cost savings – RPO is cost-efficient, saving up to 50% when compared with contingency search fees.

Extra resources – Some corporate human resources departments do not have the internal resources to allocate to recruiting a large number of employees simultaneously. When hiring needs more recruiting capacity, RPO can make sense for a company.

Focus– This allows the company’s managers and human resources staff to focus their efforts on the company’s core business while also ensuring a supply of high-quality staff members for all positions.

Access to industry best practices – RPO firms are in the business of recruiting. Accordingly, they have certain tools and processes that many companies may not have.

Diverse candidates – An ancillary benefit of RPO is that it aids in accomplishing diversity objectives.