Industries need to be running at digital speed in order to leap ahead in today’s world, and that’s where Canus Tech stands as an example. Our in house experts have Agile embedded in the core of their DNA. This makes them instinctively capable of helping our clients introduce and adapt Agile concepts using tailor-made solutions that meet business requirements.

Service Offerings


We support our clients through the entire Agile journey. For example, we reduce delivery risks by applying critical guidance, foresight, mentoring and facilitation of Agile processes for leadership and their teams. Our Agile coaches provide hands-on, pragmatic guidance to your organization, from strategy to mechanics. Our transformation services offer:

  •  Coaching and Mentoring
  •  Agile Centre of Excellence & Project Management Office setup
  •  Enterprise Transformation with DevOps and OCM
  •  Partner with Canus Tech and accelerate your ability to meet your organization’s business goals.


We partner with your organization for high quality, end-to-end project execution using our experts in Distributed Agile models and highly skilled, qualified and passionate Agile teams. Our Consultants have built several Agile execution frameworks on the shoulders of several frameworks: Extreme Programming (XP), Scrum and Kanban, as well as the Agile and Lean philosophies of software. It addresses the “how to” questions that arise around large scale and/or distributed engagements based on a producer-consumer model.
The services that we offer are:

  •  Agile-enabled Delivery
  •  Distributed Agile and Managed Services
  •  Agile for Digital

Other Application Services