Agile Execution

Canus Tech as a people driven company, is constantly engaged in developing and improving formal processes for planning, structuring, controlling and testing the way critical software systems are designed, deployed and upgraded. We are a people company relying heavily on internal team organization, thorough customer engagement and transparent decision-making. Overtime, we have frequently employed formalized methodologies widely accepted in the market, while also accommodating specific customer needs owing to flexibility in our process design.Agile software development has become increasingly important in today’s rapidly changing business environment. Organizations adopt agile consulting services to improve time-to-market, reduce cost and quickly adapt to change in their business and IT needs. With extensive experience in executing multiple projects on agile methodologies, our agile practitioners offer a tailored approach that recommends the right set of tools and methodologies to meet specific customer needs. Proving innovative Agile Development Solutions, we collaborate with distinctive groups spanning multiple locations to execute vital project functions, thus facilitating group correspondence, issue detection and tracking, project deliverables, continuous improvement and efficient project management.

  • Completely transparent modular approach with scalability built into design
  • Technical excellence in rapid deployment of robust modules backed by Continuous user feedback during iterative execution cycles
  • Automated testing capability for resilient software systems
  • Controlled, responsive delivery
  • Utilization of best-in-class agile tools including various Application Lifecycle Management tools such as TFS and JIRA to oversee scrum efficiently
  • Planning Poker technique and coordinated estimation procedures for better scrum effort estimations
  • Release cycles are devised well in advance to facilitate requirement changes
  • Customized reporting tools, dashboard and retrospective logs to learn, unlearn and manage future sprints effectively
  • With befitting Agile Development Solutions, we offer an exclusive environment for better collaboration, coordination and communication