Canus Tech ’s Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) Solutions drive outcomes from automation to fuel our clients run better philosophy and unleashes data ripe for quicker and more intelligent decisions. It’s how we empower smart people with smart technology and help align our clients’ processes around outcomes, results and acceleration.

Feature and Benefits

The Intelligent Process Automation Solutions, fuelled by Canus Tech ’s proprietary tools allow a unique robot‑to‑robot management structure integrated with domain centric process knowledge to create business agility.

It’s a distributed solution, meaning there’s one robotic global manager that delegates work actions to myriad individual robots. Each robot works autonomously—without the need for any human interaction. As a result, a single human production support operator can have a 360 view of all critical aspects of the process in real time and can focus on more important, value added functions.

Running processes better and cheaper:

Canus Tech ’s IPA Solutions provide significant boost to productivity and reduces dependence on resources, since repetitive and rote processes are automated and streamlined. This allows for agility needed for clients to scale products and geographies through standardized processes and technologies.

Compliance and Process adherence:

Canus Tech ’s solutions allow for processes to create “bread crumbs”, so clients can track each process step and ensure compliance to regulatory standards and adherence to standard operating procedures. Process flows can be customized and changes in standard operating procedures rolled out much quicker and efficiently.

Focus on knowledge work:

Automating rote and repetitive work allows clients to utilize their scarce resources for more knowledge centric and value added tasks. This drives innovation across the organization and better employee morale and satisfaction.