Today’s gaming industry is complex and customers expect higher levels of personalization, interaction and engagement with their games—but also with developers and publishers. With Canus Tech, your gaming organization moves to the next level. Our business and technology expertise can help you thrive as a product-focused, consumer-driven company. Our teams have the breadth and depth to help you evaluate online and offline opportunities, explore new monetization models and thrive in today’s gaming marketplace.


Growth Planning

Position your company to develop products that increase revenue, customer loyalty and market share given changing technology and consumer demands

Organizational Transformation

Improve the structure of your development and business teams to promote greater efficiency and success in the gaming marketplace. We help you build effective teams with our services, including:

  • Talent acquisition & management
  • Resource planning
  • Human capital benchmarking
  • Performance management

IT Infrastructure

Future-proof your infrastructure by putting into place technology to allow your teams to function and collaborate efficiently. Our portfolio of IT services and solutions includes:

  • Cloud enablement
  • IT Infrastructure services
  • Mobility
  • Connected enterprise


Forecast and test to avoid failed launches, avoidable bugs and mismatched expectations that have plagued the industry recently. This also increases QA and speeds your products’ time to market.


Zero in on the business decisions that lead to deeper and more profitable customer relationships, whether it’s through analytical models, systems integration or Big Data analytics and strategic consulting. Our portfolio of analytics services and solutions includes:

Our supply chain consulting and services span:

  • Customer, risk and operations analytics
  • Performance & sales analytics
  • Business intelligence
  • Enterprise information management

Digital Media Services

Bring order to your content’s lifecycle and distribution and economically transmit and track files. Our Digital Media Services (DMS) practice knows the challenges of today’s content management and how to present it across multiple platforms and devices

Identity and Access Management

Upsell and cross-sell more efficiently by collaborating securely with third-party production partners such as code developers, boutique companies and freelancers.