Change is sweeping across the utility industry. Technology advancements, such as smart grids and changing customer behaviors are creating new opportunities for customer engagement and transformation of customer service. We combine a deep understanding of the utility-customer relationship, technology expertise and experience managing business technology transformations in the utility industries that help clients meet their dual mandate of world-class customer experience and optimizing cost-to-serve.


Customer Experience Management

Our customer experience platform is the outcome of our work with utilities recognized for delivering exceptional customer experience. It addresses customer experiences across all touch points, including customer acquisition, billing, payment, collections, service orders, energy programs, inquiries and complaints and outage communications.

Utilities that operate in regulated and deregulated markets face a wide range of challenges, which this integrated offering addresses. The solution can use social media for customer engagement and provide personalization in services and marketing. It ensures seamless experience and provides self-service across channels, thus enabling increasingly mobile customers with convenient access to information. This provides marketing teams with greater control over the rollout of customer engagement initiatives.


Business & Technology Consulting

Customer experience management is recasting the utility‑customer relationship. A successful transformation of customer experience requires careful consideration of several aspects such as new channel adoption, multi-channel communication and personalization. We are a trusted business advisor to utilities seeking to build a world-class customer experience.

  • Digital Maturity Assessment
  • Digital Transformation Roadmap
  • Customer Journey Definition
  • Enterprise Architecture Definition
  • Product Evaluation

Survey Management

Management of surveys from design and creation through administration, using leading tools like IBM SPSS, Confirm IT or custom applications.

  • Online/traditional survey programming
  • Mobile/social/interactive survey programming
  • Campaign management
  • Survey hosting on cloud and other platforms

Sample/Panel Management

Using CRM and BPM tools, we create and manage samples and panels, providing the software necessary for full analysis.

  • Panel management and maintenance
  • Panel migration
  • Sample management
  • Loyalty management system