Canus Tech hosted delivery model underlies a tightly bundled range of industry solutions that help companies react quickly and cost-effectively to evolving business conditions.
Called Business Process as a Service (BPaaS), our solutions combine domain expertise, straight-through business processes and a cloud-based infrastructure. Most importantly, Canus Tech ‘s consumption-based approach bears no fixed costs to your organization. With BPaaS, we help you meet changing enterprise needs with flexibility, agility and business impact.

BpaaS Overview

Our specialized approach to BPaaS outsourcing enables clients in multiple industries to move from a high fixed-cost, capital intensive model to a variable, consumption-based cost structure. As a result, you can quickly adjust resources to meet evolving demands of the business, wherever they arise, with greater flexibility and predictability.

In addition, many Canus Tech clients use BPaaS to improve collaboration in global markets by aligning people, processes and technologies more efficiently. Canus Tech BPaaS services include:

  • Virtual clinical operations
  • Order Management as a Service (OMaaS)
  • Digital asset management (Canus Tech assetSERV)
  • CareWorks: Utilization management and care management solutions
  • CDM on Demand : End to end clinical data management, data management, medical coding and Biostat
  • Automated Benefits Solution: Medical benefits implementation process
  • HIX BPaaS for Healthcare Exchange : For payers and government agencies
  • Automated membership enrollment programs
  • Customer experience centers
  • Sales force planning and incentive compensation systems
  • Business reporting